In 2010, a committee lead by local lions’ clubs was formed to explore the idea of replicating accessible ball fields in surrounding counties as well as across the country.  The idea that both children and adults, with developmental disabilities could participate in recreational and athletic endeavors on a safe and barrier free rubberized playing field was put into motion.

After several years of research and planning, the committee commissioned the design of a 260,000 sq. foot fenced in playing surface within a 10-acre complex.  The plan included: A baseball/soccer etc. playing field in order that those with disabilities could enjoy the same recreational and competitive outdoor sports as their friends and siblings. 

Years later the committee, after much hard work and effort in fundraising, slowly dissolved when several committee members left.  The project was resurrected and with new members created an “All Accessible Sports Complex and Park Inc”.   Board members are working with the Fairfield County Commissioners, Developmental Disabilities, and the Fairfield County Foundation.  Since then, much progress has been made and significant funds have been raised specifically for this endeavor.  There is still much to be accomplished and many more contacts to be made as we continue to make steady progress informing government, groups, and individuals of our project.


The “All-Accessible Sports Complex and Park Inc” main goal is to provide opportunity and “safe” recreational experiences for all ages of disability through multiple sports and adaptive game activities on a rubberized playing surface. Objectives include to experienced adult supervision, proper equipment to suit the disabled and inclusive participation for all disabled youth and adults in every activity or event. 

The field itself will be equipped for a variety of sports including:
Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Tennis, Bocce Ball, Basketball, Kickball, Beach Volleyball
The number of participants vary according to each sport, which should average out to 12 per team.  Those who use the facility will include Special Olympic teams of many available sports, as well as adaptive physical education classes at Forest Rose (adjacent to the school). The Complex will also field teams from surrounding counties with teams consisting of athletes with disabilities; These counties are in close proximity with no facilities.  We should be able to work them in when necessary. 

We are estimating excavation to being in late-fall of 2022 or early spring of 2023, and initial construction thereafter, and continue according to funding before end of 2023.